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Leeuwenpoort presents: MAIL ART 0.1 by Adriana Kóbor

15 april| 18:00 - 21:00

There is always something bigger than the sum of the elements. The whole. From the alienation of secluded places to the world — just a step further away.
Ellemeet is a tiny village on the seaside of the province of Zeeland, immersed in the colours of the sea and the dunes.
During the Leeuwenpoort artist-in-residence programme, Adriána Kóbor received some mail art from the “Temporary Network”. The works of mail artists will be presented for the first time on the 15th of April from 6 p.m. in Ellemeet, in all their colours.
The mail art call is still open to artists from all over the world to participate; with Adriána artist in residence and poet also present, together with her works in progress.
“I looked at the place and I thought: well, this is one of those paradises on Earth. I was sure I would be able to use my time to contemplate and write — and: to just be. Where you can pluck fresh oysters and enjoy the sunshine, pure poetry immersed in the silence of the thought, pure presence.” Adriána Kóbor
So far, so distant, so close, the envelops will open for the second time on the 15th of April, a Saturday, in #ellemeet* from 6 p.m.
The participating artists whose mail art will be on display:
Ilya  Semenenko-Basin (RU)
leni van den berge/Roofprint Pers (NL)
Guido Capuano (IT)
Dominic De Clercq (BE)
Ryosuke Cohen (JP)
Pascal Coupechoux (FR)
Annemarie Dirkx (NL)
Jon Foster (US)
Luc Fierens (BE)
Rosalie Gancie (US)
Ilmar Kruusamäe (EE)
Emilia Loseva (LV)
Serse Luigetti (IT)
Katerina Mandarik (FR)
Tohei Mano (JP)
Michelangelo Mayo (US)
Keiichi Nakamura (JP)
Ik Raemansky (NL)
Susanne&Lars Schumacher (DE)
Horst Tress (DE)
Mzia Valerian (BE)
AiR Ellemeet/Adriána Kóbor
Dorpsstraat 10-0001
4323 LJ Ellemeet
The Netherlands
On the 15th of April, 2023 at 18 p.m.


15 april
18:00 - 21:00