Karl Karlas

Karl Karlas (1991) draws inspiration from the passage of time and the traces this leaves behind. Them is fascinated by how this brings about change in both humans and nature. Sometimes these traces only become visible after many years; like stalactite and stalagmite. Sometimes these traces will slowly disappear again, such as a path in the […]

Adriána Kóbor

Adriána Kóbor (b. Hungary, 1988), is a (visual) poet, multimedia artist active in the Netherlands and Belgium from 2006 till 2018; in Italy from 2018 till 2023. Her poems aim to explore and extend the boundaries of language. The major part of her work is written in English, though she creates in other languages, as well […]

Yuki Jungesblut

Artist statement: Yuki Jungesblut is an artist working with various forms of narrative investigation, photography, installation and film. She seeks out potentialities and instances of overlap between imagination, fiction and reality, and liminality in general. Many of her multi- layered projects are dedicated to the construction and communication of thought spaces around specific subjects matters […]

Jatun Risba

More at:  https://jatunrisba.com becomigtree.live https://www.facebook.com/jatunrisba https://www.instagram.com/jatunrisba_jokerjournal/

Robert Lisek

Robert B. Lisek is an artist, mathematician and composer who focuses on systems, networks and processes (computational, biological, social). He is involved in a number of projects focused on media art, creative storytelling and interactive art. Drawing upon post-conceptual art, software art and meta-media, his work intentionally defies categorization. Lisek is a pioneer of art […]

Natascha Rodenburg

Research as a journey of discovery Out of curiosity for matter and process art arises.Materials used are frequently out of the natural world.An underlying ecological and/or spiritual motive is often at the base. Issues Nowadays with the global warming, natural disasters and other ecological issues, people face many dilemmas. External conflicts cause trauma. The pain […]

Nanda Raemansky

I am Nanda Raemansky (1980) a multidisciplinairy artist from the Dutch bordervillage Eede. As an artist, I am fascinated by the concept of freedom, how it works, evolves, is experienced and dealt with.I found that you can divide freedom into 7 main types. Often you will find a combination of multiple types at work at […]

Bianca Runge

Artist Statement Mijn “Felled Trees” lijken er tegelijkertijd wel en niet te zijn, eerder herinnering dan werkelijkheid. Overtollige kralen en sieraden woekeren over de zacht schijnende aluminium stammen als processierupsen, mos of torren. De versneden tapijten vormen de bodem van dit sprookjesachtig woud van omgehakte boomstammen. Sieraden, kralen en handgeknoopte tapijten dragen hun eigen geschiedenis […]

Agata Wieczorek

Agata Wieczoreck

Artist Statement: An important element of my work is the intersection of violence, control vis-à- vis caress and eroticism.I observe this ambivalent relationship as characteristic for the Western view of the body, which makes it an object of fantasies, perversions, erotic role- playing and medical procedures. To create spaces for discussion on taboos around gender, […]

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